Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography is the act of taking photographs of wildlife. Wildlife photography is regarded as being one of the more challenging forms of photography.

Requirements are:
  • a technically sound photographer, such as being able to expose correctly.

  • advanced photographic equipment. While wildlife photographs can be taken using basic equipment it is made easier with advanced equipment. For example, 600mm lenses in conjunction with the latest autofocus camera bodies are generally required for bird photography. As an alternative, less expensive superzoom bridge cameras (with equivalent focal lengths exceeding 500mm, 800mm+ with a teleconverter) can produce excellent results, despite being far less expensive and more portable than a SLR body with a supertelephoto lens. Due to their small sensors these cameras are limited to ISO 100 to achieve optimum image quality which can be a hindrance with fast moving animals or in less than ideal lighting situations (dawn or dusk).

  • Good field craft skills. Wildlife is usually difficult to approach thus a knowledge of the animal's behaviour is needed in order to be able to predict actions. An ability to stalk animals is often also required. Hides may be required when photographing more timid subjects as these conceal the photographer.

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